EEI unit joins green energy option program

A POWER subsidiary of EEI Corp. has been admitted to the green energy option program (GEOP) after obtaining clearance from the Department of Energy (DoE), EEI Corp., said in a disclosure Wednesday.

Construction group EEI Corp. said EEI Energy Solutions Corp. received its GEOP operating permit from the DoE in September.

The permit authorizes participants to supply power to end-users.

The GEOP allows users consuming at least 100 kilowatts of power to source power from accredited retail energy suppliers which generate electricity from renewables.

EEI Energy’s inclusion in the program brings the number of eligible firms to 15, as of Sept. 30, the Technical Services Management Division of the DoE-Renewable Energy Management Bureau separately told BusinessWorld in an e-mail.

Other firms holding GEOP permits include Bacman Geothermal, Inc., First Gen Energy Solutions, Inc., SN Aboitiz Power-Magat, Inc., Shell Energy Philippines, Inc. and Solar Philippines Retail Electricity, Inc.

In its disclosure, EEI Corp. said EEI Energy signed a retail supply deal with Valenzuela-based plastics packaging manufacturer Genstar Manufacturing Corp. in September.

“We are truly honored to having been given the privilege of helping (Genstar) realize savings in their power bills and funds which it can use in other aspects of its operation,” EEI Energy President Cris Noel E. Torres said.

EEI Energy has retail electricity supply agreements with Laguna-based Centro Mall and animal feed manufacturer Limcoma Multi-purpose Cooperative, which both require over 500 kilowatts of power each.

The power supplier began commercial operations in Feb. 2021.

EEI Energy is wholly-owned by EEI Power Corp., which is in turn owned by EEI Corp. — Angelica Y. Yang