How To Maximize 2022 For Your Trading Journey {VIDEO}

Key Takeaways

Counterintuitive trading lessons that can help maximize YOUR year!
Should you trade or attend college? Here’s what I think…
Embrace the grind! How to put in the work now to improve your odds of success…

My top students didn’t make millions by following a hot stock pick and riding it to the moon. And trading success isn’t luck. All my top students started with small accounts. And they grew them by following my strategies and rules. Watch the video below to learn how you can do the same, plus:

What my millionaire students Kyle Williams, Jack Kellogg, and Tim Grittani all did at the start of their careers.
Why you should embrace short-term pain for long-term gain.
The counterintuitive lesson every trader must know.
How to study the right way and the critical errors to avoid.
Why I think college is a waste of time and money, and what you could do instead…

Today’s video is full of counterintuitive lessons! Tune in and understand how they can help you maximize your 2022!

Are you ready to grind and work hard to become my next top student? If you’re ready to put in the work…

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Will you study without making any money for a year or two? WHO’S DEDICATED? Let me know in a comment below!